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You can turn yourself into a snowman this year and add a touch of sparkle and fancy dress fun to your Christmas experience.

We have dozens of delightful snowmen outfits for adults and kids from top UK stores including Escapade, Party Domain, Amazon, Jokers Masquerade and Ebay.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap and simple costume or a deluxe snowman outfit for a festive fancy dress party, there’s sure to be something here that appeals to you.

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Get in the Spirit of Christmas with a Snowman Costume

The snowman costume has become a popular choice at Christmas for fancy dress parties and other festive dressing up events - and we dozens of eye-catching outfits for all the family.

Our snowmen costumes come in many different shapes and sizes, and unlike some costumes, they’re popular for both adults and children - and you can even buy one for your pet dog! Unisex snowmen outfits are a great option and are available in various sizes.

Dressing up is always fun for kids at Christmas and putting on little Christmas shows at home allows parent s to spend some quality time with their sons and daughters.

Most snowman costumes come complete with a detachable carrot nose, patterned winter scarf and a black hat. They also tend to include black pompom or woolly charcoal buttons and black mesh eyes, with the main body generally being made of soft white padded foam or fleece material.

Some outfits have a top hat or cane. All materials used are warm and comfortable and are easy to clean. A cheap costume will cost around £20 but you can expect to pay a lot more for a deluxe outfit.

The history of the snowman and how this tradition of building an man out of snow emerged is somewhat sketchy, but the practice is traced back to medieval times in a book written by Bob Eckstein entitled The History of the Snowman.

The technical description of a snowman is an anthropomorphic snow sculpture. A snowman will normally consist of three large snowballs in varying sizes with several accessories - made from coal and carrots, for example - added to create facial and body features.

A snowman should have an obligatory smiley face and ideally a hat and a woolly scarf - the ideal type of snow to build a real snowman is near to melting point when it is moist and compact, rather than powdered.

Most people create the main body of a snowman by rolling a small snowball around a garden until it grows substantially in size. Then they create a head from a smaller snowball and then add the various accessories.

Probably the most famous snowman of all is Frosty who is celebrated by children around the world in the popular song Frosty the Snowman.

Another globally renowned snowman is the cheery character portrayed in the classic animated 26-minute film The Snowman which was first shown on TV in December 1982 and featured the famous song Walking in the Air, which became a huge hit when a cover version was later released by Welsh singer Aled Jones.  

These outfits can make a super addition to any Xmas party, family photo session or other winter events such as outdoor carol singing sessions. They really do symbolise the festive season without referring any particular religion, thus making them ideal for various organisations during the festive season.

We feature costumes on the snowman theme for every member of the family - so all adults and children are catered for - there are many different styles of outfit for men, women, girls, boys, infants, toddlers and babies. Mini versions of these outfits look particularly cute when worn by a baby or toddler.

They consist of a white fleece jumper with black buttons as well as scarf, usually in red or green and sometimes a black hat. The fleece is warm and comfy for you little one and can be worn with a coat underneath.

However, it is warm enough to wear inside and is popular for children to wear on Christmas Day as they open their presents. Costumes especially for toddlers can be further customised by donning black trousers, black shoes or even white gloves to make the sophisticated snowman look complete.

A good variation of the standard snowman costume, which can be worn by older kids, is the abominable snowman design. This includes a white fur-covered jumpsuit with a hood attached under the chin with velcro and matching cuff claws and grey paws.

Because this outfit is not typically geared to Christmas, it makes a great choice for birthday or Halloween fancy dress parties.

We also feature plenty of useful accessories to make your costume look even more realistic like a little pipe, flat cap, white foot covers or red scarf.

For good measure we also bring you several other Christmas theme fancy dress outfits including the popular sexy Santa costume, elf suit, Christmas tree outfit, Christmas pudding fancy dress outfit and reindeer costume. All sizes are available including small, medium, large and extra large.

Chubby snowman outfits are both comical and impressive - idea for all light-hearted family or social occasions. Most are made of warm and cosy material, making them great for those cold winter nights!

Many of these costumes are very realistic indeed - so you could even try out the classic Dom Joly television comedy stunt of standing in your front garden in your costume, after a fall of snow, and then wave to passers by - just watch the surprise on their faces when they see a plump snowman suddenly move!

Adults can complement their snowman look by wearing a white buttoned shirt and black trousers. A snowman mascot costume is even more impressive and can be used to deck out your mascot at an ice hockey, ice skating or other winter sports event.

The costume consists of a full-body suit with glove attachments and foot covers. The body suit has black buttons across the front and comes with a large scarf. The headpiece comprises a carrot nose, a mouth and two eyeholes to enable the wearer to see and breathe easily.

Mascot costumes are ideal for photo opportunities and are guarantee to keep young children entertained in many locations such as supermarket queues, hotel receptions and airport waiting lounges.

You can become a winter snowman that never melts!

One of the most popular outfits is the Adult Snowman Fancy Dress Suit. This almost looks just like a real Snowman except instead of cold and icy, he’s very cosy, warm and soft.

This outfit can be worn by men an women and is made out of white acrylic plush pile fluffy stuff that you get into via the back zipper.

Three large black pompoms on the tummy look like the pieces of coal that are traditionally placed on real snowman each winter in garden across the UK.  

The head is made of foam with a carrot for a nose, and there’s also white hand mittens and shoe covers. The outfit is completed with a plaid scarf at the neck and a black top hat.

Another popular outfit is the Mr Snowman Adult Costume which is made out of white poly foam, so it really looks like snow. It includes a black top hat,bright red scarf, bold black eyes and mouth, and a carrot for the snowman's nose. This outfit is completed with black trousers and shoe covers.

If you are looking for an adorable little outfit for your baby you can't go wrong with the Baby Snowman Infant Costume. You’ll just melt when you see how cute your baby will look in this lovely costume.

The outfit is like a large cuddly snowball and comprises a  bubble jumpsuit made from fleecy, soft and fluffy fabric - it really does look like snow, but it's warm and cosy instead.

It also features embroidered black buttons down the front, a snowy hood with an attached black top hat, and a red and white scarf.

The Snowman Infant Toddler Costume is ideal for young kids. This is a really eye-catching outfit for your little boy or girl - and there's no risk of them melting! Warm and cosy made from soft white fleecy polyester with black pompoms down the front. It also comes with an elasticated carrot nose, a fleecy red scarf and a hood with a black top hat.

The Abominable Snowman Costume is a bit creepy looking so it might be a better option for Halloween, rather than Christmas. This all-white outfit comprises a faux fur body suit, inflated shoulders, a haunting mask, and moulded hand and feet covers.

Over the years many people have claimed they have spotted the Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti, in the Himalayan mountains. So why not bring this mythical character to your town and make an impressive entrance at a Christmas or Halloween fancy dress party?

Sexy snowmen costumes for women are a big seller these days for women and girls attending Christmas parties, with the traditional triad of black buttons and a modern saucy twist!

If you’re trying to impress a certain somebody this year, try and stun him with a sexy snowman costume… and all he’ll want for Christmas is you!

There are plenty of raunchy outfits for the ladies on the theme of a snowman. Instead of being a sexy Santa or saucy elf this Christmas, why not be a snow woman?

The Miss Winter Wonderland Adult Costume is really worth considering - this sexy outfit features an all white velvet mini dress with black pompoms down the front of it. It's adorned with sequined snowflakes all over the outfit and snowy white fur around the hem. A mini top hat and red and white striped scarf complete the look.

Another exciting snowman outfit is the Adults Olaf Fancy Dress Costume which is based on the character from the Disney Frozen movie.

This winter snowman suit will go down a treat if you turn up a fancy dress party looking like Olaf. It's available for men, ladies, boys and girls and is designed in a fleece onesie style, complete with snowman head and coal fasterners down the front of the outfit.

A snowman outfit is a wonderful alterative for dad to the Santa costume - if you have young children, you’ll know how excited they get for opening up their presents, eating Christmas dinner with all the family and playing outside if it's been snowing.

Whether you opt for a cheap and basic outfit or a deluxe style, a snowman outfit will really add some extra sparkle to your Christmas.

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Compare UK prices for Snowman Costumes

A really cool Xmas outfit

We bring you a huge range of top quality snowman costumes from major UK fancy dress stores.

A snowman costume - like those for sale here - is the next best thing to the fun and excitement of having a real snowman in your garden. You can have a snowman at home this Christmas - even when no snow has fallen!

A cosy snowman costume fits the bill perfectly with many other traditional images of Xmas including Father Christmas, the elves, the reindeer - and of course Christmas presents.

We've tracked down the best prices for snowman outfits for major UK stores including Angels Fancy Dress, Jokers Masquerade, Escapade, Amazon, Ebay, Party Packs, Argos, Tesco, Party Domain,, The Brilliant Gift Shop, Wilko and Milanoo.

As soon as you see a snowman, the festive season immediately springs to mind - toasty fires, falling snow, mistletoe, ivy, decorations and carols.

This adorable outfit is becoming very popular for Christmas parties at work and home and also in many school Christmas nativity concerts and pantomimes around the UK.

Whether you are looking for a costume for your little boy or girl to wear to an Xmas party or an adult one for a big night out, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and budget here.



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